Germany – Leipzig



The pianist and composer Clara Schumann (18191896) was born in Leipzig as Clara Josephine Wieck and was strictly trained by her father to soon be considered a wunderkind and virtuoso on the piano. Only nine years old, she performed in the city’s famous music hall “Gewandhaus” and received wide recognition causing her to travel and perform throughout Europe for all her life. In 1840, she married the composer Robert Schumann and played an important role in earning the family’s income, spreading Robert’s music and making him known throughout the continent.


Today the Notenspur Leipzig e.V. connects the Schumann House with another eight authentic places of musical heritage in Leipzig, which as a project received the European Heritage Label in March 2018. Through guided tours, musical salons, nights of home music and educational material for schools and cultural institutions the association brings Leipzig’s musical history into every nook and cranny of the city.



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