European Music Trails

"European Music Trails" (EUMUT) is a project about the connective power of music in a multinational Europe. It looks both at our European musical history and how it is connected to our lives today, as well as at how we can pass on this heritage to the future. At the core of the project are European composers who are connected in different time periods by living, working or studying in Leipzig at one time in their lives. These composers were not only influenced by what they acquired in this city with a rich musical heritage; they also carried back and forth the music from their home countries and what they learned during their stay. For an overview on who was in Leipzig and when, please have a look at


In 2018, Leipzig’s musical heritage sites were awarded the European Heritage Label. In order to foster the European dimension today, the city of Leipzig has entrusted Notenspur Leipzig e. V. to create an ongoing cooperative project with partners from other European countries, focussing on the above-mentioned international composers and their European networks, bringing them to the present.


EUMUT started in 2018 with partners from Lithuania and Norway and is implementing a second instalment with partner institutions from Italy and France starting in the summer of 2022. For more information see > Current Projects and > Past Projects.


Europe happens as people set out to meet each other. Therefore, the European Music Trails design their activities to reach diverse audiences and to encourage a transnational exchange of music, ideas and creativity. They bring people together, supply them with knowledge on music history and their European neighbours, and ensure an ongoing exchange between musicians, creative professionals and their audiences.