MOVIMENTO – Hip Hop Dance and Baroque Music
This cross-disciplinary contemporary dance performance will combine Hip-Hop, contemporary, and baroque dance styles on instrumental music by Johann Sebastian Bach as well as contemporary compositions and arrangements created by Franck-Emmanuel Comte for the inauguration events of the touring exhibition in each of the partner countries. The rehearsal process will take place in France before the performance travels to the different exhibition venues.
The artistic team of the creation will work on the dialogue between music and dance as well as on the exchange between different cultural practices and artistic styles, illustrating the content of the exhibition ‘The Art of Movement’. The choreographic creation will combine historical patterns and techniques as well as contemporary improvisation and street dance, in particular Hip-Hop movement language.
The music will be played by the cellist Aude Walker-Viry of Le Concert de l’Hostel Dieu under the direction of Franck-Emmanuel Comte. The dance will be choreographed and performed by the historical and contemporary dancer Hubert Hazebroucq in collaboration with a female Hip-Hop and contemporary dancer, who will be casted in the preparatory process, under the stage direction of Gerrit Berenike Heiter.