Touring Exhibition THE ART OF MOVEMENT

Especially designed to be presented in highly frequented public places such as railway stations, shopping malls, airports or similar, the exhibition will travel with its own pavilion to each of the three partnering countries, offering to passers-by a more "accidental" approach to Bach's music, dance, and the concept of transnational movements of ideas and therefore reaching a very diverse and broad audience.

Divided into three parts it will deal with the art of movement in Bach's music and his inscription of sounds in a multidimensional space, the art of movement in dance and the connection between dance, body language and composition (Bach was also a great dancer, many baroque dancers were also great musicians) and finally the movement of ideas through Europe and how ideas spread fast across borders even though travelling was limited and cumbersome in Baroque times.


The exhibition design was developed with a class of architectural students at the University of Applied Sciences in Leipzig (HTWK Leipzig) under the tutelage of Prof. Ronald Scherzer-Heidenberger. Of 11 concepts the professor and Notenspur Leipzig e.V. selected the most promising design, which was "Dancing Bach" of Michelle Berger. In cooperation with Hentsch-Architektur Leipzig this design is currently refined and transferred into a building plan, materials are being researched, questions about static and safety being answered.

The content will be developed with the help of all three partner institutions by dance historian Gerrit Berenike Heiter, musician Franck Emmanuel Comte and musicologist Prof. Eszter Fontana. The exhibition is planned to be ready for travelling in autumn of 2023.